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 lol convo with demon

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PostSubject: lol convo with demon   Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:31 pm

RedNeck /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅-̅': im watching u
|.V.V.|: creeper
RedNeck /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅-̅': im lookin gin ur window now
|.V.V.|: lost in my beautiful eyes?
RedNeck /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅-̅': i c that ur wearing pants and shit
|.V.V.|: actually im pantless
RedNeck /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅-̅': shirt*
RedNeck /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅-̅': lol
|.V.V.|: u like my ripped shirt?
|.V.V.|: ripped it just for u
RedNeck /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅-̅': i know ur looking at porn
RedNeck /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅-̅': gay pron
|.V.V.|: lol
|.V.V.|: i think tats my neighbor
|.V.V.|: =/
RedNeck /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅-̅': in ur tighy whitys
|.V.V.|: :O
|.V.V.|: they're caled speedos
|.V.V.|: jeebus
|.V.V.|: u caveman
RedNeck /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅-̅': lol
RedNeck /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅-̅': whos that black guy that just came in ur room
RedNeck /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅-̅': hes letting it hang all out
|.V.V.|: O_O
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lol convo with demon
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