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 plans for taking over B for dd2

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PostSubject: plans for taking over B for dd2   Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:36 am

Ground Rules- DON'T BAIT. STICK TO A PLAN (i know sometimes you can't but if possible please do)

1. Mid to B
-3 buy 1 flashes 3 buy 1 smokes at least 2 armor up
-whole team go straight to middle
-1st person there smoke the double door then the rest save it and smoke the connector at mid
-then 1 person throw a flashbang through window and 4 throw it over the ridge and flash the FUCK OUTTA B!!!!
-charge in with the armor Ts first and hold B. do not go chase after them like flipping idiots afterwards Mad

2. Straight up Rushing B
-at least 3 people buy 1 flashes 2 people buy 1 smokes
-first person flash into b tunnel turn around and continue pushing and all push with him DO NOT STOP OR BAIT
-throw 2 smokes to the double doors in b (incase sniper or just to reduce chance of getting hit or dying while crossing)
-and 2 flashbangs over B to flash those in mid and ct spawn (to delay them and give more time to get in position)
-1st person into the site check closet
-2nd + 3rd persons secure platform
-4th person should be bomber and go plant in B
-5th person kinda stay back and watch b tunnel from in site or in tunnel itself (depending on situation. use ur best judgement)
and hold B (and dont all be idiots and watch same spot Neutral )

3. Sandwiching B= 2 b tunnels 3 going mid
-b tuns ppl buy flashs/nades/etc w.e u think is neccesary and u guys will camp b tunnels until told to push by the people in the middle
-then 3 ppl going in middle buy at least 1 smokes 1 flashes
-once u arrive at mid at the connector smoke it then 1 person will stay back and delay/stop or at least warn about the rotation at mid/ct-spawn ( and he has flashbang as escape plan)
-the other two will throw their flashes over b and give the call for the tunnel people to push and basically we swarm B and take it over (and hopefully hold it bounce )

4. Walking/Delaying B
-the whole team is to quickly buy their stuff and head over to the wall farthest to the left in the direction of going into B tunnels and hug that wall and DO NOT MAKE NOISE OR GET SEEN (if seen just rush it or alternate plans) and camp outside B until a certain time (remember not to always use same times mix it up and throw the other team off) and slowly make your way into B and rush or w.e the best plan is at that moment

5. Around the World = faking B going cat (im sure many of you know this plan, but in case you don't here it is)
- at least 2 people buy smokes for smoking dd when going out of lower b, 2 flashes (1 for flashing cat from lower b which should be the last person coming outta lower b and 1 flash for the guy in the front to continue his advances)
(of course there are alternate versions like maybe u want 2 ppl to go long and 3 ppl going into b tunnel opposed to having whole team going into lower b to cat. in this case ull want the ppl at long to flash the plat or w.e etc etc)

----and yes i know this one isnt taking over B but i posted this one just for the sake of the next plan----

6. Snaking B (gay name but I thought it was appropriate cuz its kinda like it)= faking around the world going to B (double fake! Basketball )
-basically make the other team think ur gonna do around the world by doing around the world till cat then hop off and go to mid Surprised!!!
-everyone get at least 1 flash and 1 smokes
-have 3 go into b tunnel then 2 of them will throw flashes into the b site and rush into lower and join the forces at mid
-for the other two who havent gone b tuns go from direction of long to mid and smoke the double door at mid ( and try not to get spotted if possible)
-then the forces at lower b will join up wit forces at mid and then all flash b and get in site (and also not a bad idea if u all smoke the connector :])

If you think one of these plans are lacking, feel free to give advice. Or if you have other plans feel free to tell the team.

Yes. We can alternate these plans but lets stick with these ones first before we go and mix the plans up so we are all on the same page. afro lol!
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plans for taking over B for dd2
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